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T.H.E. Collection competition challenges texture stylists to create a refined, inspiring, and cohesive collection of three (3) unique looks that showcase texture mastery in the chosen category of choice.

How to Enter

Step 1: Review T.H.E. Official Rules to determine your eligibility, general submission requirements, category guidelines and regulations, and other important competition information.

Step 2: Build your collections! We encourage you to think outside the box. Your final looks should represent your artistry, vision, and skillful understanding of texture. Visit our FAQ page if you have questions along the way.

Step 3: Submit your work and payment on or before July 31, 2023 Select the category corresponding to your entry, click ‘ENTER NOW,’ and follow the prompts thereafter.


Collection Hair Colorist Sharmelle Winsett 2.jpeg

Colorist of the Year

Collection Haircutter Evie Johnson 2.jpeg

Haircutter of the Year

Collection Hair Stylist Jamal Edmonds 2.jpeg

Stylist of the Year

Collection Barber John Mosley 2.png

Barber of the Year

Collection Editorial Jamal Edmonds 4.jpeg

Editorial Stylist of the Year


Up Next


  • Entries must show work demonstrated on natural hair, wigs, and/or extensions that fall within the texture type 3-8 outlined within T.H.E. Texture Guide and meet the guidelines & regulations outlined within each category in order to qualify.

  • Three (3) final images* on one (1) or more models

  • One (1) before image of each model** 

  • A completed T.H.E. Artist Release Form must be submitted per entry and include hair color formulation(s) for each look for all color entries

  • A completed T.H.E. Model Release Form must be submitted per model

  • *At least one (1) look must be styled naturally, and at least one (1) look must be thermally styled (with the exception of Editorial Submissions).

    • Natural styling is defined as working with models with natural texture or natural texture of enhancements and products without the use of curling irons, flat irons, crimping irons, or wave irons (manipulation of texture using comb, rollers, or rods is allowed)

    • Thermal styling is defined as styling using heat appliances like flat irons, curling irons, crimping irons, or wave irons

  • *Photo retouching of the hairline, color, or shape is not allowed and will be subject to disqualification

  • *Moderate retouching of skin is allowed

**If utilizing wigs and/or extensions, an unstyled photo is required, and texture specifications must be noted on T.H.E. Artist Release Form


  • All images must be in portrait format

  • All images must be in JPG (.jpg) format

  • All images must have a resolution of 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)


  • There is no limit to the number of entries per person; however, the same image collection can only be used across two (2) categories max. Please be sure to check that your entry meets the guidelines and regulations for the categories you are entering (included below in Appendix A) in order to qualify.  

  • Image(s) submitted to prior competitions will be accepted, provided they were not considered as a winning entry. Please be sure to check that your entry meets the guidelines and regulations for the category(ies) you are entering (included below in Appendix A) in order to qualify.

  • Entries for Up Next must submit proof of having their cosmetology license for (1) year or less in order to qualify. If the entrant is enrolled in cosmetology school, the school name and state are required at the time of submission. If the entrant has graduated, a valid cosmetology license in the residing state is required at the time of submission (if applicable) and  must be issued on or after July 31, 2023

  • Category finalists must show proof of a valid cosmetology license in their residing state where applicable in order to qualify.


  • 20% Overall Look: Advanced understanding of texture should be demonstrated through balance, symmetry, and cohesiveness of the overall look.

  • 20% Photography & Styling: Submissions should display an overall sense of balance and symmetry. Aesthetic harmony and balance should be prevalent among final submissions. The hair should be the focus. The wardrobe should complement and enhance the overall look. 

  • 20% Hair Integrity: Hair health and integrity should be maintained and reflected through technical ability without the use of creative photo effects. 

  • 20% Finishing Details: Finishing details should display mastery so as not to distract from the overall look (e.g., visibility of hairpins, hair extensions, flyaways, uneven coloring, gaps/bald spots, etc.) 

  • 20% Vision: Pushing the boundaries, interpreting global trends, and showing creativity.

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